The majority of our students attend Howdenburn Schoolhouse on a shared placement with their local secondary school.

“I have made lots of new friends”.

“I love to dance or play the Wii in leisure time”.

“We get to go on college visits”.

“I like wearing my own choice of clothes and not school clothes.”

“We can call the staff by their first names because we are grown up now.”

S5 class

The S5 class are typically with us Mondays and Tuesdays and in their base secondary school for the remainder of the week. We liaise closely with our partner schools, this includes joint planning to ensure all students are well supported across their settings .  

NB ( photo to come for this class)

“I like travelling on the bus to the Schoolhouse, it makes me feel grown up.”

“I like to do the hoovering and the ironing at Howdenburn.”

S6 class

The S6 class are typically with us Thursdays and Fridays and on a Wednesday most will attend the Life Skills Link course in Borders College, Galashiels. We work closely with Borders College staff to support our students as well as maintaining our very regular liaison with each student’s base secondary school. During this S6 year our students continue to attend their base secondary school for the remaining two days each week. 

“I like Howdenburn because my friends there keep me company. They are my new friends.”

“It was great doing trips to Carlisle to Tullie House Museum, it was great.”


Marjorie Rae - Principal Teacher

Louise Burn  - Class Teacher

Rob Hutchison  - Additional Needs Assistant

Donne Maclean - Additional Needs Assistant

Jennifer Davidson - Additional Needs Assistant

Tracie Dickson - Additional Needs Assistant

Julie Wallace - Additional Needs Assistant

Marie Domingo - Clerical Assistant

Also working with us are:

Marianne O’Brien - Active Schools Coordinator

Meriah Kohn - Speech and Language Therapist (NHS Borders)

Sarah Fitch - Education Team Leader

Henry Wear - Howdenburn Primary School Janitor

“I like to do maths and cooking.”

“I can remember making tuna and sweet corn pasta and then fish and chips for everyone.”

“I enjoy swimming, my personal best was 16 lengths.”